I am very happy to announce that Noé Tavelli & The Argonauts Collective's debut album is now available on the German label Double Moon Records.

"Beautiful enchanting music, steeped in tradition and delivered by musicians in perfect

Marcel Papaux (renowned Swiss jazz drummer), Vevey, February 2019

"Noé Tavelli's debut CD is a magnificent display of thoughtful musical exploration!
Eric McPherson (Fred Hersch Trio's drummer), New York City, March 2019

“Beautiful music with warm and detached lyricism; the world of my friend Noé Tavelli enchants the listener with its simple drive and natural swing. These qualities are reflected in his compositions, and free improvisations where the four musicians share the same group dynamic. The band seems
to be constantly striving to serve the music, such as imagined and lived by Noé Tavelli. There is nothing urgent or artificial about this project; everything is well balanced and is engaging by its simplicity and honesty. I found listening to this music immensely enjoyable and I look forward to rediscovering it through repeated listening; I invite you to do the same.”

Ohad Talmor (saxophonist, composer and 2012 Suisa 1st prize), Brooklyn, January 2019


You can get your digital copy on Itunes music by clicking here or you can contact me directly by clicking here and get a physical copy (chf 20.- + shipping costs).